About Us

Betsy's Balm was created during a brainstorming session about creating additional products for my all-natural product line, Naturally Betsy. A friend was experiencing some pain in his shoulder from working out and wondered why I couldn’t make something all-natural that relieved pain?

First let me tell you about Naturally Betsy (if you're interested click on the link.) It’s my line of all natural products that was created when my first grandchild was born. Around this time I really began to notice the quantity of chemicals in everyday beauty and household products, and rather than grumble about it, I decided to take action. I planted a garden, raised my own chickens, canned my own food, and made skin care and home care products. Everyone thought I was crazy, but this natural lifestyle was working out great! I started telling everyone about it, and soon they began asking if they could buy my products. That’s when I knew I had something special. So I created an online company called Naturally Betsy.

Now back to Betsy's Balm…

After the brainstorming session I started researching all-natural pain relief and discovered CBD oil and all its amazing properties. All the ingredients for Betsy's Balm were carefully selected to make sure it was all-natural, as organic as possible, non-GMO, and fair trade.

I started talking to everyone about Betsy's Balm. Here’s what I discovered, about 85 % of people, of all ages, are experiencing some kind of pain on a daily basis. Whether it be from working out, work environment, sporting activities or existing medical conditions.

I started experimenting and product testing on everyone I knew. I was amazed at how well it was received and how well it relieved pain. And eventually Betsy's Balm was created.

As people began to use it I began to hear story after story about how they were able to quit using prescription and over the counter pain medication and how Betsy's Balm really helped. At this point I know this was exactly what I was trying to achieve... Something all natural that can help people with their pain.